Purpose: cariage of passengers

Documents: Inland Navigation Certificates The ship is built according to the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council Europe of 12.12.2006 as amended Construction and final inspection carried out by the Technical Commission at the Office of Inland Navigation.

Construction: Catamaran; hulls are made of aluminum alloy AL5083 H111 - thickness 5mm The deck and superstructure are also of aluminum The whole welded, each hull divided into five watertight compartments. Superstructure with a separate wheelhouse and toilet Navigation area: Inland waters of the European Union - zone 2, 3 and 4

Navigation area:  Inland waters of the European Union - zone 2, 3 and 4

Vessels in TW-series can be configured for several specific purposes such as:

  • transportation vessel for public transport (water bus, water taxi, water tram, commuter boat)
  • tourist boat for sightseeing needs
  • boat training in programs like "school on the water".


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overall length: LOA = 14.95 m;
total width: B =     4.80 m;
side height:
H =     1.29 m;
draught: T =     0.64 m;
displacement system: V =     13 m3;
net tonnage: 8 T
crew: 2 persons
number of passengers: 56 people (including disabled)
cruising speed:
12 km/h
max speed:
16 km/h
Drive: - two internal engines………..VETUS M3.28 (2 x 20 kW) Diesel
Fuel consumption (average real):
- 2,5l/h x2 engines = 5,0 liters of diesel per cruising hour
  • navigation: navigation lights with a separate panel and backup power supply
  • lighting: LED: front and rear deck, cabin wheelhouse, toilet, sides (RGB) halogen searchlight remotely controlled from the wheelhouse panel
  • control: automatic measurement: battery voltage, fluid levels, temperature in the engine rooms and bilge pumps indicators- bilge: 6 bilge pumps in the hull compartments
  • electrical 12V: batteries primary: 2x 200Ah, starter batteries 2x56Ah
  • electrical 230V: supplied from external sources: from the marina or generator
  • sound system, TV: antenna: external antenna omnidirectional, TV HD 27’’, DVBT, Radio, DVD, intercom, microphone, 12 speakers, aft video camera with CCTV monitor in Simrad panel.
  • fire protection: automatic fire extinguishers in both engine rooms fire pump covering the whole ship powder fire extinguisher in the cabin and wheelhouse
  • ventilation: fans: in cabin, toilet, and wheelhouse
  • fuel: 2 tanks (2 x 150l)
  • water: one waste tank: 300l, and one water tank: 150l                                                                              WC with washbasin



SIMRAD set: radar, depth sounder, GPS, navigation, CCTV.
compass, rudder angle indicator, UHF radiozestaw SIMRAD: radar, echosonda, GPS, nawigacja, kompas, wskaźnik wychylenia steru, radiostacja UHF


windlass with main anchor, auxiliary anchor, mooring lines, boat hook,

life jackets, life rafts, life buoys, and pyrotechnics according to EU requirements and the SOLAS Convention

accessories for transportation: 6 transporting belts, and two traverse beams



  • engines with more power
  • hybrid
  • photovoltaic panels (solar) on the roof.
  • bow thruster


  • water tanks 300l
  • fuel tanks 2 x 300l


  • alarm system (burglary) with remote control unit
  • remote, constant supervision of the boat using the GPS / GPRS remote browsing history, 
    routes, speed, idle time
  • interior installation 230V with AC inverter
  • air conditioning
  • heating
  • opening windows
  • folding roof windows
  • additional internal and external cameras with DVR
  • tables, other seats
  • any arrangement in passenger compartment
  • additional building furniture
  • shelves above the passenger seats
  • dressing overall

Company ALUMILEX Gdynia was established in 1994. We produce catamarans since 2006, but since 1994 we produce aluminum and steel structures in a wide range. Since then we have gained many loyal customers, companies, institutions. From the beginning we produce all the structures of glass, aluminum and stainless steel.

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